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No Price Changes

Just did another price list – for November 24, 2017. Just a few editorials but no price changes.
We had our Turkey Day at the Tewa Restaurant in the Isleta Casino. Did not have to walk thru the smoke, either. The buffet was marvelous, though rather small. It fit our need perfectly – thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. We’ll likely return for Christmas and the holidays next year. Just no sense preparing a huge meal for just us two. Last year we got a 2# pack of what was supposed to be “fresh” turkey from Keller’s in Albuquerque. It was anything but fresh, just meat mashed into a cube an wrapped. It was so dry and tasteless most of it was thrown away. Never again from them.n IHOP in Los Lunas the previous year was equally tasteless and meager….. Isleta will be our Holiday meal place when we need one.
back to work tomorrow,I think. Seems as if I’m coming down with something respiratory….. Long as my ears don’t get blocked…..
Hope that everyone had a grand day today, and a much better one tomorrow!


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