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Red 1941 Truck!


Well, I actually bought the truck of my almost lifetime dreams. Two weeks ago I found this one online on a Wednesday, discussed it with the dealer (Wilson, Oklahoma) Thursday, wired the money Friday and it was delivered in an enclosed trailer at 9 am Saturday! I am way far over the top happy about this one…. I’ve loved this body style – 1939-1941 Ford F-1 since I was a child. Just can’t tell you how many models I built of this truck when I was a child. It is by far the favorite motor vehicle of all time for this enthusiast! I’ve had many cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In 1971 I had a chance to buy a 1940 Ford pickup – pure original – but didn’t have the $300 it was priced at in Artesia, NM…… My Dad’s 1950 Ford F-1 was another dream, but an idiot daughter of Dad’s salvaged it for a bent fender…………..
This Red beauty sits so nicely in our back yard for the photos. I’ll be having a stand alone garage built to house it soon. right now it lives in the barn. I’ll be replacing all the wiring and a couple of switches though everything works. It’s been converted to 12 volt, a new heater, electric wipers, and not much else. The Flathead V-8 sounds so nice, just as I recall Dad’s ’50. The seat springs are very weak – so rebuilding that or replacing it with nice bucket seats might work. The transmission is a bit loose, so bearings throughout might come. Really, though, it’s in remarkable shape – both Cat and I really fell in love with this one. Now, just to get the title – it’s a bit delinquent. Life is good!
Had another incident with the table saw a few days ago. The middle finger of my left hand had a nice chunk removed from the end. Not the first removal on that one. Seems that I’d learn, you know.
Barely keeping up with orders. Had one for more of the little reels than I had left so had to make a few. Will be doing a very large run very soon – but using something like Ambrosia Maple, Alder, or something likely Domestic this time. Have two very special orders that I’ll be working on next, though.  There is a repugnant person in Texas that is pretending that this reel was her design.  She severe lies, just like pretending she paid the last $1000+ she still owes me.  Son talking again – hope hanging out? Time.
Cat and I will be letting the staff at the Isleta Casino Tewa dining room cook for us tomorrow – we’ll visit the buffet and at least I’ll be a glutton…. Might have dessert first! Happy and complete blessings to everyone!


5 thoughts on “Red 1941 Truck!

  1. Thanks, Elaine – I’ve already had loads of fun and there will be no end to it. Our T-Day will be at a buffet…. And, Happy Thanksgiving back to you and yours. Jim

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jim. You just never cease to amaze me and this peecup is no exception! A beautiful looking specimen that even came with its own trophy! We’ll chat soon. Ken

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