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First Weaving!

Here is a neat example of a customers first weaving on one of my looms. Toni Gatland of Canada obtained this loom and tools at ANWG this year. What a neat result of her first effort. Thanks to the many customers who purchased some of my work there – and to Toni for sharing the photo.

So busy now – but near actually catching up!  I have several thousand pieces to sand, and a few hundred looms ready to assemble, but it’s coming together.  Cat helps a lot when she can and I so appreciate her.  But, I work alone all of the other time.  Still looking to issue a new price list, but so much else to do right now.

Cat and I have not been riding lately.  A couple of weeks ago we trailered her  trike to Crossroads for a transmission problem.  We had started on a ride to Datil, she heard an unusual noise – and could not find neutral, 4th or 5th gear.  Got home ok, thank goodness.  Call today from DJ – the transmission is dead – case ok but everything else not.  So, it’ll be a couple more weeks till we can ride again.  We’ve even thought about a Slingshot – serious fun, they seem to be……

Back to a long term sanding marathon for a few weeks.  Then, several days of applying Danish Oil.  It’ll take awhile as doing it alone is tough, but I do have experience with it all.


5 thoughts on “First Weaving!

  1. Wow! That’s beautiful weaving for Toni’s first one. I like the colors and how it blends into the next. Goodness, your work load seems to be enlarging rather than dwindling. But I know you well and this is what you enjoy doing~~creating beautiful high quality tools for everyone who loves your expertise in woodworking! 🙂

    Take care my friend, I will be sending you an update photo of your beaded vulture tapestry in a few days. I’ve been on vacation for the last 11 days from work, still have 8 more days left of the 20 total. I have gotten a nice amount of beading done on it while lazing about the house. De’Andrea

  2. Thanks, De’Andrea – what a nice way to start my day with such kind comments. Thanks, too, for an update of status on the beaded vulture! You have no idea just how wonderful that makes me feel. Yes, still working – today assembling a 240 count run of the tiny looms in a variety of exotics. I’m having too much fun! Later.

  3. Wow! Beautiful weaving! I love to look at others “weaving art” made on Mr. Hokett’s gorgeous looms! Nice work! 🐾

  4. Thanks, Laura-Lynn. If you’ve not seen it, Google “Rebecca Mezoff blog” – and see many examples. Her recent book from her time last year at the Petrified Forest” is enchanting….

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