License Plates

One thing that I really enjoy is collecting license plates to display in two places. One is the current garage where the Corvette lives along with metal advertising signs related to motor vehicles and related businesses. When the new garage for the 1941 Ford is completed I’ll move those that are Ford related. The other site to display license plates is the Bike House where Cat’s Harley trike and my custom Chopper live. I display motorcycle license plates there with metal advertising signs related to motorcycles and related businesses. It is great fun – some of the license plates go back to near 1900.
I’d like to offer to trade one of my Bird’s Eye Maple loom kits for a motorcycle license plate from where you live! I don’t need or have room to display an unlimited number, but if you have one and are willing to mail it to me, email me and we’ll work out the details.
We have not been able to ride for awhile having been sick for so long, and now so cold. We have electrically heated gloves for very cold weather, and Cat is about to have a heated vest as well. She’s a bit more sensitive while she refers to me as “The Polar Cat”. Fits as a former student of hers in San Antonio started calling me “Mr. Cat”. Still, some of those do not know my actual name……
Great joy and happiness to everyone!



Take a bite of this and chew on it:

The Left Wing and Right Wing are on the same bird. The bird cannot fly unless both wings work together……………………………….

I fear for the future of America unless our wings can learn to fly together again.  I am so ashamed that one of our wings is so very badly broken.  We gotta fix this or the bird will not fly again.


New Sample Example!

Here is another sample of a customer’s weaving. Such a very pretty example of individual effort. Thanks to Anne of Flax and Twine!
On a personal note I’m still recovering from a very severe case of the flu. Sickest I’ve been in my 71 years. Would not recommend it as a course to lose 20# in just a few days……. Hoping to register the 1941 Ford truck tomorrow. I’ve still not been well enough to drive it YET!
Cheers, Jim

Number 30

I have not seen my high school play football since the fall of 1963 but have followed them since. Just now I listened to the Artesia, New Mexico Bulldogs win their Thirtieth State football Championship by 48-14! What a joy it must be for those fine young men. I have had people ask me “just what are they feeding those boys down there?” It is not just football but many sports – boys and girls – where championships are won. Artesia is known as The City of Champions in New Mexico.

No Price Changes

Just did another price list – for November 24, 2017. Just a few editorials but no price changes.
We had our Turkey Day at the Tewa Restaurant in the Isleta Casino. Did not have to walk thru the smoke, either. The buffet was marvelous, though rather small. It fit our need perfectly – thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. We’ll likely return for Christmas and the holidays next year. Just no sense preparing a huge meal for just us two. Last year we got a 2# pack of what was supposed to be “fresh” turkey from Keller’s in Albuquerque. It was anything but fresh, just meat mashed into a cube an wrapped. It was so dry and tasteless most of it was thrown away. Never again from them.n IHOP in Los Lunas the previous year was equally tasteless and meager….. Isleta will be our Holiday meal place when we need one.
back to work tomorrow,I think. Seems as if I’m coming down with something respiratory….. Long as my ears don’t get blocked…..
Hope that everyone had a grand day today, and a much better one tomorrow!

Red 1941 Truck!


Well, I actually bought the truck of my almost lifetime dreams. Two weeks ago I found this one online on a Wednesday, discussed it with the dealer (Wilson, Oklahoma) Thursday, wired the money Friday and it was delivered in an enclosed trailer at 9 am Saturday! I am way far over the top happy about this one…. I’ve loved this body style – 1939-1941 Ford F-1 since I was a child. Just can’t tell you how many models I built of this truck when I was a child. It is by far the favorite motor vehicle of all time for this enthusiast! I’ve had many cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In 1971 I had a chance to buy a 1940 Ford pickup – pure original – but didn’t have the $300 it was priced at in Artesia, NM…… My Dad’s 1950 Ford F-1 was another dream, but an idiot daughter of Dad’s salvaged it for a bent fender…………..
This Red beauty sits so nicely in our back yard for the photos. I’ll be having a stand alone garage built to house it soon. right now it lives in the barn. I’ll be replacing all the wiring and a couple of switches though everything works. It’s been converted to 12 volt, a new heater, electric wipers, and not much else. The Flathead V-8 sounds so nice, just as I recall Dad’s ’50. The seat springs are very weak – so rebuilding that or replacing it with nice bucket seats might work. The transmission is a bit loose, so bearings throughout might come. Really, though, it’s in remarkable shape – both Cat and I really fell in love with this one. Now, just to get the title – it’s a bit delinquent. Life is good!
Had another incident with the table saw a few days ago. The middle finger of my left hand had a nice chunk removed from the end. Not the first removal on that one. Seems that I’d learn, you know.
Barely keeping up with orders. Had one for more of the little reels than I had left so had to make a few. Will be doing a very large run very soon – but using something like Ambrosia Maple, Alder, or something likely Domestic this time. Have two very special orders that I’ll be working on next, though.  There is a repugnant person in Texas that is pretending that this reel was her design.  She severe lies, just like pretending she paid the last $1000+ she still owes me.  Son talking again – hope hanging out? Time.
Cat and I will be letting the staff at the Isleta Casino Tewa dining room cook for us tomorrow – we’ll visit the buffet and at least I’ll be a glutton…. Might have dessert first! Happy and complete blessings to everyone!

Artist Photos

I love seeing photographs of my tools and work of the wonderful customers who look to my work for their artistry. Well, Lisa Spayde shared two photos she took of arrangements of tools. They are so pretty, aren’t’ they! Just wanted everyone to see.
Today I packed & shipped my last large Squirrel Cage Winder. No more. They used to move well when I did shows, but not now. Besides, I’m cutting back. The past week has been a bit overwhelming with shops ordering. Guess it must be the holidays coming. When I also sold directly to individual customers this time of year was always full of very very many people buying to “gift” to themselves. Well, you should be nice to yourself first.
Yesterday I almost ‘bit’ on what turned out to be a scam, big time. But, my sense of “it’s just not right” dug in, and digging revealed the scam status. I’ve been looking for a hot rod or classic truck for a few years. When it’s right, I’ll buy. This one was the first that I actually contacted the seller. Like this 1946 Ford F-1 – looked like a sixty grand truck but price was just $13,900…… It was remarkable, but a pigment (see photo) of my imagination…… Today I talked to a guy in Fort Worth about his ’48. He owns a dealership for motorcycles and has a few vehicles. Unfortunately his truck would need more to finish than I want to do… I will find that perfect one soon, I hope. Anyone know of something?
Making sawdust now and then – but not every day and no more than about 3 hours a morning and no afternoons……. I’m sending everything good to everyone…..