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My Tongue was on the Ground – the Cavalry Comes!

I contracted to enclose the covered pad in front of my shop. Conclusion will greatly expand the work space in my wood shop – and I will no longer be so crowded. This is the first time here that I’ve not done construction that I could have done. I’m too busy, and just did not feel quite as physically capable now. All that remains is installation of the custom garage doors. In order to save time, I left yesterday morning before 5 to pick up the doors at Home Depot in Los Lunas as my builder is finishing an addition in Pie Town. The previous evening I had hooked up my 10′ trailer.
As I entered I-25 from Socorro headed North towards Los Lunas approaching 75 mph I felt sudden jerks and bumps unfamiliar to me. I looked in the mirror and saw the trailer moving in an unfamiliar manner. It seemed that perhaps I had lost a tandem wheel so I slowed, preparing for a stop as I should do in such a situation. The action continued. After stopping I went to the rear and horrified to discover that the trailer had disconnected from the hitch and was stuck under the hitch on the truck! The tongue of the trailer was on the ground! I had obviously neglected to secure the coupler lock onto the trailer hitch ball on the truck, and when I went over a rough bridge joint, the trailer jumped off of the hitch. Thank goodness that I very securely connected the extra heavy duty safety chains. I had changed what came on the trailer for even more heavy duty chains after purchasing the trailer.

I attempted to gain the attention of passing drivers for assistance to release the trailer from the truck hitch and reattach to the ball, but no one seemed to even look or slow. So, I worked and worked and finally got it to release. Then, how to lift the tongue of the rather heavy tongue and maneuver it forward to the hitch, lift it high enough, and over the ball. I had to pull it about 24″ and over about 18″, dealing with tandem wheels on a 10′ trailer. It was severely challenging with both my shoulders still recovering from major rotator cuff surgical repairs. I had not exerted myself to that level in decades, but felt that I had no other choice. I strained muscles in my left arm and left leg. I’ll recover, and the discomfort in especially my back will eventually fade. The loss of layers of skin on my right ankle will grow back in time. But the injury to my pride will leave scars. I’m smarter than this. Or, so I thought. I will not make this mistake again. One “helper” that will always travel with me in this truck, trailer attached or not, will be an aluminum jack I had purchased to carry in the enclosed show trailer I had when I did shows……..
I did get the doors that will be installed Saturday by Simon. Pat will do the electrical and lighting Tuesday. I begin to move in Wednesday.
After Thanksgiving the Cavalry comes! My son James comes for a two month “Trial”. I KNOW that he’ll return permanently. He is ten times the woodworker that I am. Just wait and see what happens to Hokett Would Work! Among dozens of things, who’d like to see the return of Hokett Drop Spindles????????????????? YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim is a Very Happy man!


5 thoughts on “My Tongue was on the Ground – the Cavalry Comes!

  1. Ouch on the ankle and stressed joints & back! Glad it wasn’t worse than it could have been with that trailer coming unhooked. They can be unruly stinkers at times when they feel like it. Unfortunately it seems this is the way our world is becoming with many ignoring a person clearly in need of a little friendly help. I personally don’t think it is going to get better and that is a sad thought to look forward to.

    Very happy you will soon have help and can get a little more rest each day. Those Hokett spindles sound super awesome! My spinning abilities are less than impressive. I end up fighting & tugging the roving as if I am at war with a head strong horse. I have come to the conclusion I must not have any spinners in my ancestry. 🙂 Bet I give them spindles a good look- see since they are made by you!! De’Andrea~~

  2. Thanks for the kind words, De’Andrea – and you certainly will have opportunity to try the spindles. They aren’t fancy-dancy – just really pretty and extremely well balanced. Guess that’s why I sold so many thousands…. Later,

  3. Glad that it all turned out. I guess what happened to you is why my husband doesn’t want my help. He is afraid he’ll forget something when hooking up the trailer. Take care and have a Happy Holiday.

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