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Stands, Shots, and Cocobolo

Well, Finally all of the Carolien Stand bases are DONE. Tomorrow morning I cut all the steel for the risers to length. I’d normally go ahead and start sanding the burrs, but we’ll be heading to Albuquerque. Why? Well, I have another torture session with the eye doc to shoot me again in my right eye for MD. I’d love to either hear that it’s cured and no more shots, OR – it;’s just not going to work, quit the shots, and you’re going to lose the eye. EITHER would tickle me, for these injections are horrible torture for me. With that in mind, I’m seriously considering just giving up and withdrawing from any more, regardless. There are levels of tolerance for everyone…..
The stands. I have bases in a great variety of woods including Bloodwood, Jatoba, Bubinga, Sapele, Wenge, Padauk, Purpleheart, and more. I have the clamps ready, and the rest of the hardware. My welding equipment is set up, shipping boxes prepared, and I’m so anxious to announcing that I’m ready. Just a few more days – now, hopefully by Friday!
COCOBOLO! I’ve made a deal for a dealers full personal stock of old Cocobolo! That’s my favorite wood on God’s Earth! It’s quite remarkable examples long unavailable and now exceptionally difficult to find, and quite expensive when you can find some. This much is quite an investment, but oh so worth it. I’ll be doing very special runs of the little looms, especially. Very special notion boxes will be included as well. I still have two world class boards of Cocobolo I’ve been saving for years – each about 1″ x 4″ x 36″ and very swirly curly burly and the most remarkable combinations of colors on earth…… These two boards have not yet told me what they want to be. I’ve been listening, not so patiently as I’m quite anxious….. With this new huge batch, about a hundred board feet, the two exceptional boards will be safe for a few more years, perhaps….
Next post will be the Carolien Stands!


4 thoughts on “Stands, Shots, and Cocobolo

  1. Thinking of you as you travel to Albuquerque for your eye treatment. We have such a tender place for you in our hearts, and fret about your health. Your amazing find of the Cocobolo is awesome! I’m sure that wood was just patiently waiting for your artistic hands to turn it into something amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Ohhh that Cocobolo wood sound scrumptious with all that character you described! Those 2 boards will make someone a very happy person once you decide to use them for those special items you are saving them for. They will tell you what they want to end up as when the time is right! And you will make them very proud to become one of your enticing creations. 🙂

    Sure hope your eye treatments do their job and you can get this all behind you. I can not even pretend to know what that is like to endure shots in the eye. ((Hugs)) to you and Cat for being strong enough to sit through these procedures. De’Andrea~~

  3. Thanks a lot, Susan. Both you guys are on our minds too, you know, as retirement approaches. Perhaps our little red car might head to the North Woods some day…….. Talk soon….. Jim

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