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I would never have believed it. You always see those insurance advertisements – go with us and save several hundred dollars. They ALL say it! Never believed any of them. Our motorcycles (3) were due. I’ve been very dissatisfied with our carrier thru aarp – Foremost. They for 4 years have refused to properly assign the bikes to us as riders – assigning Cat to the two two-wheelers and me to the trike! Cat cannot ride a two-wheeler at all. She rides ONLY the trike. They refused for those 4 years, including this morning using the excuse of “it’s the computer”. We tried every year without success – just indifference and curtness.

A couple of years ago I added a Harley Street Glide I had taken as settlement of a debt. Rode it a bit, but loved my chopper. Had it a few months and the opportunity to sell developed and sold it. Foremost credited only about three dollars when there was about half of the year left on the policy period! Their response, in a nutshell was kinda sorta “Tough”! That seemed super indifferent and profoundly unfair. My unhappiness with Foremost grows by leaps and bounds.

So, this year a few weeks ago the bill for renewal comes. I start contacting other bike insurance carriers for quotes. Could not get a human being live from ANY one! Tried about a half dozen! Geico, USAA, and on and on…… Waited on hold for up to twenty minutes – no human ever came on line! All had this computer you were supposed to talk to! Go on line – you had to fill out pages of data – none would permit contact or leave a call back! In my old age estimation – grossly unfair to old coots like me! When we returned from Albuquerque yesterday thru Socorro, I noticed a State Farm office. We were tired and didn’t stop. I had State Farm insurance from 1958 when I was 12 with a Cushman Scooter for $6.50 a year thru 1985 for cars, then in San Antonio. So, this morning I called the agent. He gave me a quote with identical coverage as Foremost, for about $350 a year LESS than Foremost! So, can you guess what I did? Yep. I did. For once, I believed the ad. When the cars and house comes up, I’ll be visiting our State Farm agent in Soorro. Foremost and aarp might be a memory. We’re not trapped simply because we’re over 50……………………



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  1. Hi Jim, Yes we have State Farm too and they will give you multiple vehicle, home, etc discounts plus if you can go to an AARP class for good driving they will give you both an additional discount. It pays to look into things sometimes! Janie 🙂

  2. That sounds about right when it comes to trying to do any business anymore over the phone~~never a human in sight! it makes ya’ wonder if there is any live human employees anywhere within a company. I have been a member of State Farm Insurance for at least the last 35 years for my vehicles and home. I have always been pleased with them and enjoy having a local agent to visit when needed. Up until he retired a couple of years ago the agent was someone Jerry & I knew from our home town. As far as AARP, there are a few other things I’m not fond of concerning a part of their personal insurance policies and decided I would not to bother with them. De’Andrea~~

  3. Right – There must be 500 mailings from aarp a year trying to sell us crap. That’s all they do – push a bunch of stuff that’s worthless to mostly people who believe their snake oil smoke blown up orifices. We might get a few discounts here and there, but I could do without it all. State Farm has the best reputation of all. Jim

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