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Birthday Price List

Today is my 70th Birthday! I’ve never been this age before and just don’t know how to act…. So, I have a brand new price list! It’s updated with a few things – clarify some of the little loom stuff, eliminated a few items that have been discontinued, lowered prices on the last few foot powered skein winders and large squirrel winders, and so on. I’ve been so blessed with such great success, but reminded by my crumbling body that I must slow down a bit. Hence some changes in what I do. I’ll be doing more welding and metal work and not so much detail of small turnings and ittie bittie tools. I still LOVE what I do and will still do what I can. Today a life long friend is bringing a few years-old cow skulls. They will become a new form of art for me – and you’ll soon see examples of what they’ll become here on my blog. I look forward to new experiences, more rides on our motorcycles, drives in the Corvette, and a bit of a slower pace at times. Life tells me so.
Should you like to have a copy of the new list – email and it’ll be on the way. Thanks for looking!


5 thoughts on “Birthday Price List

  1. Happy Birthday~~a day late my friend! Will be looking forward to seeing your new skull creations. Everything you create is simply beautiful and unique. I know these will be awesome. Take care and keep having fun~~ De’Andrea

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