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Pig and Pepper

IMG_4716 IMG_4712 IMG_4719Two issues today. The Pig and Pepper. I finished the pig. Well, except for the blue eyes to come. The pink pig is done and in place. We love it a LOT! Fun should be a part of life, right? And, life. It should be full of love. We improved that with Pepper. She’s a rescue – fixed, Doxie/Chihuahua mix, and so full of love and trust for us. She’s so trusting, quiet, and has already brought us such peace. We’ve missed having such a source of four legged love in our life, and here she is! Lap of love…… We’re taking Cat’s industrial sewing machine with us to Albuquerque Monday to a new home Monday when I get my eye injection. I’ll sit in the truck while the new owner of the machine deals with the unloading. Cat’s such a remarkable source of support and peace. I’d not do this without her calm and love…………..


4 thoughts on “Pig and Pepper

  1. The pig is cute, but that Pepper… Just too cute! She found a wonderful home – best of luck with her 🙂
    Hope Monday goes as okay as okay can be – I am sure it will help. It’s totally amazing what they can do!

  2. Thanks, Elaine, I appreciate your kindness. Today I find peace. Tomorrow I’ll find a place where I can accept. Our little Pepper has already brought such love. Jim

    • We did, Susan. She’s such an adorable loving girl – took a two hour nap with me in our chair yesterday afternoon…… And, right here with me at the computer now. Have a superb week to come with your Ken. Jim

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