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Monday, Monday

A favorite song of mine. Unfortunately, this coming Monday I return to a long series of chemo injections into my right eye for macular degeneration. Just can’t describe how much of a downer that is right now. Still hopeful. Mostly hopeful that I can tolerate them.
This past Monday had a neurology deal. Severe headaches for awhile. Tests. Gonna try prevention rather than treatment. Seizure drugs. We’ll see. Wait – does that connect with the MD before? Speaking of headaches, I woke with a really bad one at two this morning. It’s about 8 and still have it. Hoping for relief, but so far what I’ve taken hain’t (my new word) worked. Yet.
Yesterday finished all the welding on my art piggie! Today gonna visit Socorro to get the paint to paint my oinker. Think that it’ll be pink.
So many sales recently. I am deeply thankful for the honor I feel every time someone so respects my work with a purchase, even if it’s a $6 tiny Barb beater, or a $6,500 shop order………………… Neither is more important than the other. And a lady in Norway cried when she opened her order at the beauty of the American Black Walnut loom kits……………….
Photo of my pig soon.


6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine how much courage that would take to go through. Virtual ((Hugs)) to you. Hope you find something that will alleviate those headaches. I do know what that kind of pain is like. Also wanted to tell you how much I love my loom and tools I just got in from you. Just gorgeous and so easy to work with. I already have what I want to order next picked out. De’Andrea~~

    • De’Andrea
      Can’t put into words how much your kindness means to me. I take it to heart – it will come to mind Monday when I get the first in this series. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Jim…about those headaches…you don’t, by chance, eat and drink things with aspertame, do you??? I was doing that and started getting killer headaches! A friend sent me an email, telling me about allergies/sensitivities to aspertame…so I STOPPED. I threw away everything in my home that had aspertame…and switched to Splenda. NO MORE HEADEACHES!

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