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Gates & Spiders

IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703Something that Cat and I have wanted to do for quite awhile was to improve our fencing around our property. A neighbor and friend, Jimmy Sanchez, did the work for us to extend the height of our perimeter fencing – it’s done and looks super! A very aggressive dog in the neighborhood had been jumping the fence and creating a “disturbance”. Problem solved.
Cat wants to get a little dog friend – so we created a space in front of the home/Cat’s studio entrance. She installed the chicken wire and so on – and we built a girdle around concrete block pedestals. Over the space we built an arbor for honeysuckle and trumpet vine. Gate. I had an apostrophe. So, we built two gates between the pedestals with a large spider web in the inside! Secure for a little dog. Decoration. What better thing to decorate the gate/entrance that a very large spider….. So, my substantially unusual mind saw a Black Widow Spider – steel – with a bowling ball as the large part of the body! It worked! Used steel pipe, electrical conduit, steel rod, and red coral for the eyes. I have three more that I’ll be doing – one I’ll leave the bowling ball a brilliant red! Yes, I’m unusual…. A couple of those may live around my shop buildings… I can’t wait till someone visits – comes thru the gate – and sees the guardian……………..
Since we moved here 13 years ago we’ve wanted to replace the address sign that had been on the main gate. Cat had an idea to get plasma cut letters/numbers and put on a board. Well, my mind remembered a large very weathered board I had found. See that result – seems pretty neat! I added three cast lizards, Cat added metal flowers, and it’s so neat!
Still working as hard as I can on everything. Great stock on most stuff. About to refinish Nottles to go to Museum gift shops in Taos. Taking a sick MIG welder to Abq soon for repairs. Riding as much as we can under the circumstances.
Everything good to everyone.


2 thoughts on “Gates & Spiders

    • Thank you, Katie! We love doing such unusual things – and will be doing more “stuff”. I intend to do a buzzard about 40′ tall between two telephone poles near the shop…..

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