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Cat’s Claws

Recently I ran across a rather large box of Macassar Ebony in strips about 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 4″-8″. I had purchased these pieces on ebay about 16 years or so ago – and promptly forgot about them. When I rediscovered them in my wood storage a new purpose came to mind. They seemed to be ideal for a tapestry beater – and here it is. Cat helped design the beater, cut all of the teeth, and helped with the finishing. I’m so proud of Cat AND this new tool and just know that my customers will really enjoy using them weaving. I named them “Cat’s Claws” as my Cat is so involved in development and design, as well as production. Her name being “Cat”, cat’s having claws, and the business end of the beater resembling cat claws – well, the name just seemed to fit in my feeble old mind. The tool name is 100% how I describe, nothing else. Write me if you’re interested.  The images of the beaters doesn’t do the black color well.  There are 226 in this run and such variety of size and fit!  Cat’s picked out hers already….  See – she gets first pick of everything I make!  Included is an image of her cutting teeth on some BEM kit loom beaters…
We’ve been riding some – limited due to the terrible winds we’ve had. A recent ride to Truth or Consequences was great fun – discovering a local restaurant – Johnnie B’s. We love finding local places to eat when we travel! We just don’t do a lot of that any more since retiring from shows in ’14. Miss all the wonderful visitors to my booth, but sure don’t miss all the work involved in preparation, operation, and the return trip. I’m too old for that.  We even took time to drive to Albuquerque yesterday to see “The Revenant” in the theatre.  Blown away by this really tough and emotional movie.  We had purchased the DVD, but wanted the big screen experience first.
Back to the shop for my rather rough hands doing “stuff” in the shop.  Today I’m sanding a boatload of little beaters.IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4696


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