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A few delays…


Cat and I enjoyed several days in San Antonio visiting family and friends for Christmas. Rachel was so kind to offer to host us – and participated in most of our visits. Grandson Issac was a dear as were so many others. Our return trip up I-10 was an experience of wonder. Wondering how we survived seeing hundreds of bad crashes in the snow and ice, wondering how we did so well on that highway and still made it home before dark…. Getting home we faced digging snow away from the gates for an hour just to “plow” into our property. Then, digging our way to the back of the house as the front remains impassable….. Several feet of snow total with 80 mph winds created some interesting drifts. I’ll dig out in a few days a bit at a time, and then be able to pack a passel of orders all over everywhere including England. We love it here, the house is safe, and we’ll be back to normal next week perhaps. The new Corvette will not be leaving the garage till it dries out. That might be spring…..


6 thoughts on “A few delays…

  1. Merry Christmas – Ho Ho Ho! Glad you got Santa’s sleigh back home safe & sound and be careful shoveling that white stuff, it’ll make you hurt in a real bad way. We miss you guys and wish you the very best for an amazing New Year.

    • Thank you a bunch, Kenneth C. The trip was remarkable. SO many crashes and we avoided them all. I am giving myself the rest of the week to dig out the front door and shop building access. We’re so blessed, and miss you guys a LOT.

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