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December 15, 2015 Price List

I’ve released my new price list.  There are no price changes, but a few more items have been eliminated.  Several editorial changes were made to the introduction as well as item descriptions.  New items include hand loom kits in the Tiny and Intermediate sizes!  So many people have been asking for them.  I’ll no longer be accepting sales at my home – so mail order, delivery when I can, or buy thru dealers will be the way.  Dealers looking for a wholesale discount will need to send me a copy of their local sales tax permit or business license.  Unfortunately a number of people have claimed to be dealers and just wanted a discount for personal purchases.  Sales to businesses in New Mexico will need to process a sales tax exemption certificate prior to shipment as well.

My health continues to require attention and we’re focused on those issues.  My production continues at the pace that I can handle with breaks to ride motorcycles and kick back just a bit.  The little looms continue to be remarkably popular.  I thank everyone for their support!  For 8-dent looms the only source you can obtain one is still Rebecca Mezoff.  She’s been so wonderful representing my work and am so very proud of her.  Look for dealers in your area for my work – if they don’t carry any ask them to contact me.  I may be moving towards wholesale only, but not for the time being.

Just yesterday I received shipment of yet another Powermatic 6″ x 48″ sander.  These machines are the most efficient  sander on earth and I sometimes run mine as much as 10 hours a day.  One is coarse, one medium, and one fine – that way I can move from sander to sander without changing belts.  I still do massive runs of tools at a time like 800 hand looms, 1200 beaters, and so on.  The variety of exotic woods are always a thrill to machine, and the fine Bird’s Eye Maple from Boone Bell in the UP of Michigan is always fantastic.  I built 6″ risers for the Powermatic sanders to make the working  height perfect for me.  A new 8′ x 8′ x 20′ steel shipping container is now in place, electrified, and shelving installed – it’ll be my finished goods storage and packing building. It’s called the “Fallout Shelter” due to the 50’s sign from a building in San Antonio!  My bro-in-law, Scott, gave it to me a number of years.  I do have bulk storage in two other buildings.   The former home of the finished goods is now a real garage – it contains a new ’16  C-7.

Best wishes to all our friends, family, and customers this very wonderful year and into the future.



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