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Our Grandson Issac


Here are a couple of recent photos of our only Grandchild – Issac.  He’s about to turn 11, and we miss him so dearly, not having seen him since last November.  His Dad took him to a book store and said he could have any book he wanted – his teacher had said he needed to read more.  He picked out a book called “Walter the Farting Dog” – appropriate for a BOY his age!  Well, his Dad and Grandpa likes it too.  We hope to get to see him soon if we can visit San Antonio.  I will not be doing Kid ‘N Ewe this year, nor any other year nor any other show, but seeing friends down there would be a great time.  We love visiting the area!

I’m SO proud of my very bright Grandson Issac – especially for his math abilities!

Tomorrow back to hyper production in the shop.  I”m doing a run of over 100 regular size hand looms in EIGHT-DENT – the only place you can buy them is from Rebecca Mezoff – famous tapestry weaver and teacher in Fort Collins, CO.  Contact Rebecca if  you want 8-dent looms.  Today we visited Albuquerque – I bought some exotic woods at Jake Jocobsen’s Albuquerque Exotic Woods on Menaul – a remarkably neat shop and person.  Jake is a retired APD officer.  I’m so proud to be associated with him.  He may end up with my Powermatic 4224 wood lathe…..  He’s bringing in some world class Cocobolo and Ziricote for Hokett Would Work!  I buy most of my exotics from Jake.



2 thoughts on “Our Grandson Issac

  1. Your grandson has great taste – the “Walter” series authors are family of mine, and good people! I’m also happy to discover your little shuttles. I need them for a small loom I’ve had for decades and just began to use again.

    • Jennie

      Thank you for the very kind comment! I just love the guy – he turned 11 yesterday – I had sent him money for Leggos – his Dad took photos of him with some of the purchases. I’ll send a price list for you to review. The little looms are just incredibly popular.

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