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The Dog is Home

IMG_4594This photo is of the right side of the Dog’s gas tank.  The African Vulture image is so interesting – Cat’s idea of the flames worked so perfectly!  Danny Bally of Albuquerque is an exceptional artist – air brush and paint work.  I am so incredibly proud of him and the excitement with my bike that he has brought to me.

IMG_4596The left side of the tank is very special too.  The Turkey Vulture is such an important animal to our environment.  I have always recognized the necessary job they do for us.  The flowing feathers are another of Cat’s ideas – I’m so thankful for this marvelous person in my life.  The spiderweb goes all across the tank and is a suggestion of Danny.  So bright of him!  I’ll likely be having my new helmet painted similarly to the tank.

The work that Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho, NM did on the Dog was so fantastic and timely.  Rich and Derrick are SO capable, prompt, HONEST, and kind.  Doing what they promise in the time they promise without requiring payment in advance makes for faithful customers.  They corrected a number of items that had kept my bike so handicapped for the whole time I’ve had it.  It is now safe, more reliable, and perfect that ever.  A serious safety issue with the steering was corrected, as was the front wheel hop, electrical issues – all caused by less than quality work, and  the rest.  Crossroads Cycles is our permanent shop.  If  you have a motorcycle, it should be for you too!

IMG_4602Here are the Fury (foreground) and Big Dog together.  We picked them up Friday and everything is good!   Crossroads Cycles installed the new Mustang seats on the Fury, installed larger and much more comfortable grips, and did a 5000 mile service too.  We’re taking a ride this morning and I’ll ride it with the new seat! Yesterday we rode to Pie Town for pie and Datil for lunch – me on the Big Dog.  My bike performed remarkably – more secure, stable, and ride quality since I’ve owned it.  Even at 75 it was smooth and almost no vibration at all.  Looking into the mirrors was like I was still – so clear and no vibration at al!

The building in the background on the right is where we store these two bikes.  I’ve considered calling it the “Buzzard Roost” in honor of my Big Dog – “The Old Buzzard”.  However, that excludes Cat’s trike.  So, perhaps something like the “Hog and Dog House”.   We’ll figure it out.  The building with the red door is a rather large storage building filled mostly with finished product of mine.  It’s a very very busy place…  Tomorrow we plan on my 69th Birthday Ride – Santa Fe or Artesia.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Life is good!       Jim


6 thoughts on “The Dog is Home

  1. Well, they both are great fun! We just at this minute returned from a nice long ride West on US-60 to the VLA – the Montezuma Sunflowers are in full bloom, and there is yellow most of the way. We live in such a beautiful region. Thanks for the comment, Jan. Jim

  2. Wow!!! What a magnificent paint job!! Also happy to hear that the technical issues were addressed and properly corrected–safety first!! Enjoy your birthday ride tomorrow, dear friend, I’ll have you and your lovely bride on my mind. 🙂

    • Hey, Suz. Enjoying the Beehive state? I hope that your time there is good and the classes perfect. The paint is simply remarkable. Riding the bike now, with the top of the tank in view, is so much more enjoyable. We rode to near the VLA this morning just to take pictures of the many sunflowers blooming. You’ll surely see some of them on Cat’s FB and/or my blog. Wasn’t the visit to the VLA that we all shared fun or what! And, taking you all the way to “near” Arizona so you could walk there! You and Ken are always near to us. Hugs, Jim

  3. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out that those were parts of your bikes. WOW!! Beautiful realistic painting.. Have fun riding.enjoy the wind in your hair, and sun on your face.

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