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Floating Sues and Tiny Turned Beaters


Here is a photo of some of the 760 whorls for Floating Sues I finished today.  There are a few in the lower left corner that had not been dosed with Watco Danish Oil.  It’s a great finish – penetrates well and helps hold the color.  It’s the only finish I use on most of the tools I create.  There are about 30 different woods and they all look so nice together.  I’ll assemble them in a few days to the shafts and eye hooks.  Such fun I have!


And, here is a photo of  a box of my Tiny Turned Beaters I finished two days ago!  The variety of woods is terrific – and they are so much fun to make.  I take a blank, turn the handle, then carve the “business end”.  This tool is one of the few that I use a fine wax to polish after MUCH hand sanding.  I’m having fun!

Tomorrow both of my motorcycles will be ready to pick up from Crossroad Cycles in Rio Rancho.  They are a remarkable group of mechanics who actually work on bikes when they are delivered, complete the repairs or work promptly and as promised.  They managed to correct quite a number of errors a different shop committed on my long bike – the Big Dog.  I can hardly wait to see it all together with the world class air brush art on it that Danny Bally did for me!  He did all of the art work and finished the tank in less than a week – exactly as promised, without breaks for treatment.  I’m so fortunate to have found these two  fantastic shop!  Now, to find a quality leather person to do a custom fork bag or two……  Photos of the bikes to follow.  We’re riding for a few days, including Monday – my BIrthday!  I’m Officially OLD!



6 thoughts on “Floating Sues and Tiny Turned Beaters

  1. Thanks, Janie. Creating such tools in wood brings me great joy. I still get goosebumps when people pay me real money to do what’s so fun and dear. I would have said that it makes my hair stand on end, but I don’t have any…..

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! A bit early. Congratulations on aging & bikes. Looking forward to seeing pictures. I have been seeing more trikes on the road. One of these days….
    Love to Cat & to you.

    • Blin, Such a thrill to hear from you! Happy Thawts to you and Bob. We’re hoping for nice weather to ride a LOT in. Wishing a trike for you as well………… Love – Jim

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