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How to Weave on a Hokett Hand Loom

Here is a photo I took today for a shop in Canada that’s considering carrying some of my work, Intermediate Looms, in particular. These are Cocobolo, Purpleheart, and Katalox. I have MANY in Cocobolo in stock and about 8 other woods in-progress. It’s representative of the variety of woods I carry for my four sizes of hand looms. It continues to be great fun!
On a different note, Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Company in Nashville made a remarkable set of instructions, photos included, for weaving on my little looms. SO many of my other customers have commented about her blog, and with her permission, the link is: http://fringeassociation.com/2014/12/09/how-to-weave-on-a-hokett-hand-loom/
Karen is one of many wonderful representatives of my work – these little looms and tools in particular and I’m proud of them all! Thankful, too!
The growing number of shops presenting my work is really dear, and I feel so blessed.
Fun comment. Photos soon of my newly FINALLY completed Big Dog custom chopper motorcycle. Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho, NM is almost complete correcting many mistakes of the building past. And, mounting the newly air brush painted gas tank! An African Vulture on one side and a Turkey Vulture on the other – some flowing flames, some flowing feathers, and a very special spiderweb connecting it all. Danny Bally, a world class air brush artist who actually does the work, wouldn’t let me carry it to the car! I’m so thankful for Danny’s efforts, as well as Rich and Derick at Crossroads. I’m so anxious! Cat picked up her trike, finally repaired, with correction of badly installed wiring and installation of an auto-tune to compliment the power commander. I left my Honda Fury there for installation of some “improvements”.
Still looking for my perfect Corvette. May have to just order a ’16.
Bless you all!

2 thoughts on “How to Weave on a Hokett Hand Loom

  1. Hi Jim!
    I am going to be in a Museum Show soon and they want some samplers done and one left on the loom! So I will be displaying your loom with my other finished pieces and will be sure to mention your name and product! Thank you so much! Janie

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