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Rebecca’s Niland

Rebecca's Niland
Here is a piece woven on one of my little looms by a weaver from the UK. Rebecca Robinson was visiting the US recently and had me send her a loom and tools to her hotel in California. She calls it “Niland” as a piece of found wood from Salvation Mountain, CA, was used to hang it from. Hand spun yarn dyed with madder, natural hand spun Shetland, linen, silk & jute completed the piece. Rebecca is a genuinely neat person who looks for good influences in her life. We all should do that, don’t you think?
I wonder sometimes what works people have completed on the many thousands of these looms I’ve made in my time. Often at shows people would return to my booth after weaving on the loom for the first time! One California weaver uses the large size to do refined tapestries – presenting the finished pieces on the loom. A lady in San Antonio weaves very neat art tapestries on the Tiny loom, applies a pin on the back, and markets them as portable art tapestries. Rebecca Mezoff uses these looms for many purposes, teaching weaving on them as well. Today I sent a first order of a selection of my looms to WEBS – they’ll be carrying them now. I also sent Regina Rooney of Rose Path Weaving in Tyler, TX a very nice selection of looms and tools. Many many dealers have began to carry the looms and it feels so good to see them going so afar! Wendy Morris of Handweaver’s Studio and Gallery in London carrys some too. I’m profoundly rich in associations with so very many fine representatives of my work. I’d love to list them all, but space is not unlimited. More will be featured soon.
Just today Jean (here in Magdalena) assembled the pieces of a loom kit into bags ready to present – and did about 150 kits! She’s helping me with some of the back work like that and it’s so neat. This support has enabled me to produce so much more, like I did for so many years when Sally Rogers helped me with finishing work.
Tomorrow Cat and ride out bikes to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho for mostly fun! No, all fun! Cat’s trike will get an evaluation by Rick at Crossroads while I’ll focus on Danny of Danny’s Custom Painting – he will be doing the air brush work on my Big Dog – FINALLY after almost 3 years of trying to find someone. Danny is the one! His work is just astounding and I feel so fortunate to have found him.
Happy trails, pardners.

2 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Niland

    • Rebecca, such feedback is a major reason I continue to do the things I do. Thank YOU! I’m having the time of my live with my “work”, my bikes, and my life with Cat here in the mountains of New Mexico. Jim

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