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Little Looms Photo

Blog Loom Photo
Here is a photo of some of the looms that a dealer added to her site. It’s such a pretty photo and I’m so happy to add it here. I’ve been so busy with so many things in the shop. Today I packed several orders, including building a crate to ship one of my last foot powered skein winders. I’ll not be making any more. Little looms? This past week I completed several hundred of both the Bird’s Eye Maple versions for the kits, exotic looms, and a large run of special woods in the intermediate loom size. It’s so neat to send these all over everywhere.
I do have help now for finishing and putting the loom kit pieces into bags for sale. It has relieved me to the point of increased production! Yea! This allows Cat and I to ride our bikes more.
My Big Dog is in a new shop that promises to finally get my bike to 100% for the first time ever. I’m greatly encouraged. The gas tank is at an air brush artist shop to add the buzzard/vulture images I want. This has been such a tough time to find one who has a work ethic and stability. Still waiting on the special fork bag hand tooled with a buzzard, too. Someday. Cat’s trike will be getting some major electrical improvements very soon. The trailer wiring needs finishing as well as a few other things. She’ll be donating the remaining items left over from her trike conversion soon to a shop. They will in turn give them to people who need but can’t afford the parts. So admirable on both their parts!
Yesterday we rode to Fat Sats in Belen for lunch. Great ride and such agreeable weather. We so enjoy our rides, whatever the length.
Tomorrow I’ll return to shop production. This will include hand sanding several hundred end-of-warp shuttles (8″ & 10″) and starting a nice run of Navajo style beaters. The process never ever ends. There remains a couple of dozen other runs that need time as well. I’ll do everything I can, but will take time to ride and “vegg”. Cutting the weeds on our place has taken on a new look – me on the new riding mower!
As John Lennon said, “Imagine”.



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