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Truck Crash with Happiness

Yesterday was an experience. Very long story avoided, but I crashed into a very large Mule Deer early yesterday morning on the way to Albuquerque for a planned very “large” day of errands. State Cop, tow truck, radically changed plans. But, we both feel so fortunate that it was not much worse! Neither of us were injured, the truck was badly damaged, but we encountered so many kindnesses the entire day! Every encounter we had the whole day revealed such care and support at every turn. NO photos now but might of the truck….
Today I continue my fruitless effort to “catch up”. So many commitments, so many “things to do” in the shop. So, off I go to “work”, cheerful and so thankful that things are good in our lives.


9 thoughts on “Truck Crash with Happiness

  1. What a day! Thank God you and Cat are ok. Material things come and go. But lives are precious. Live some more, Jim.

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