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More Looms and Rides

I’ve been bustling around my shop so intensely trying to catch up on production. While headway is being made I’m still “Busy”. Duh. Today I oiled 450 of my regular size looms for special orders. Also I organized about 1200 of the Bird’s Eye Maple loom kit tools to get ready to assemble the kits. Two days ago I finished a giant run (over 300) of my Tiny size loom and another 200 exotic regular looms. I’m blessed that the looms, all 4 sizes, have been so popular. It’s great fun making them, too.
Rebecca Mezoff is representing some of my looms and tools. She has a very special exotic wood regular loom kit that only she sells – take a look at her website and see what might be going on. Go to: http://www.rebeccamezoff.com and look into her world. Rebecca is a wonderful tapestry artist and teacher. The Providence Convergence last year was the site for a workshop she led using my BEM loom kits – very successful. Just recently she did the same thing at the Michigan event. I’m really proud of her and how she shows her work, especially using my tools and looms.
Rides. You see in the photos above that Cat and I got out this past week – riding to Datil and having lunch at the wonderful restaurant there! We stopped on the way home on the St Augustine Plains near the Very Large Array – radio astronomy site – for a rest and photos. The VLA is where Jodi Foster starred in the movie “Contact”. Just yesterday we rode to Artesia for lunch at La Fonda! We LOVE visiting there and I especially enjoy experiencing the Southwest Combo. They are closed on Saturdays, but any trip from anywhere is worth the effort to eat there. I grew up in Artesia and am rather familiar with the area. That Artesia trip was a bit over 460 miles. Our bikes performed wonderfully though I had to wake up my seating now and then… A few showers dampened us, not soaked, and the cloud cover helped keep us cooler. Cat had suggested I buy a long sleeved white shirt to help keep cool for summer rides – so I got one from Duluth. Worked perfectly! We had fun talking to each other on the helmet communication devices (Scala) that Cat treated us to. We will ride a lot, but we work in our spaces much harder. Tomorrow I will still work most of the day – just because I love it!
See you on the road or where?


One thought on “More Looms and Rides

  1. Hi Jim,
    It was good to hear from you again after a long while. And so glad to see things looking up for you. I was not aware of 4 sizes in your Hokett looms! I thought there were only 3! What size is it and epis is it available in? Does it come as a kit? Please let me know. I may have look into that.

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