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More Boxes

Here are a few boxes that I did recently. I’ll be doing a larger run soon. They are such fun to make!
I have added two major pieces of equipment to my shop – both are Powermatic – a standard of durability and efficiency. One that I made ready to use this afternoon is a a 6″ x 48″ sander with a 12″ disk. It is set up with 220v and uses a 4″ dust collector connection. It is a major goodie for me – the rikon junk just doesn’t perform and their service is horrible. The other is a 14″ band saw! I’ve wanted this for a long time and now it’s home. It will be my daily band saw workhorse – the Ridgid 14″ will be used for just the little loom ends, and the Jet 18″ will continue to work for me with the biggie chunks and resawing. I’m doing a major reorganization of the shops – moving things around and making the spaces more useable. I have a tendency to work too much and not declutter often enough. Gotta change that. I’m looking for a steel storage container to expand my storage. I’ll apply siding and a roof to make it look like site-built.
Cat and I’ve shared a ride on her trike both yesterday and today! YEA! I drove it with her riding to Datil yesterday for lunch. Today we shared driving it to Fat Sat’s in Belen. Fantastic ride. And, I’m SOOOOOO anxious for my chopper to be completed and back in my hands. I hope that the air brush artist will be able to do the buzzards on the tank this time….. With the tank sitting so high, they would be highly visible when riding! They need to look around too, you know. We’re enjoying this unseasonal higher temperatures, but we’ve had a tough time this winter with colder temperatures, lots of snow, and both of us being so sick for so long.
Tomorrow back to filling several orders. Each and every one is important to me – whether it’s a $6 beater or a $300 winder.


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