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Help Came!

My son James came through in a very important way. I recently received several items that he had produced for me. The items are below and are being added to my inventory right away. I’m so proud of his work – and I know that he’ll do so much more for me in the coming months. Every piece that he did was inspected by me – and a few were eliminated – that happens to my work too. After review, things just don’t work out now and then. The items are:

Lids for the nottle bodies below. I’ll add the cork stopper and apply either a poly or lacquer finish to them all.
Nottle Lids

Here are the nottle bodies. There’s great variety in color, woods, and shape. All are 1-1/4″ diameter holes. I’ll be making larger diameter containers in the future.
Nottle Bodies

Ah, the Flat Tapestry Needles! These important tools are such a joy to see in use – so many applications. I’ve gotta thank Teri Mauch for asking me to start producing these several years ago. Thanks Teri!
Flat Needles

Dbl Sheds

These Bethe Shed sticks w/slot is the brainchild of our friend, Bethe. They are a utility tool that also has many uses.
Bethe Sheds

I’ll be adding photos later of other things in-progress like very very large runs of: Tami Beaters, Sett Tools, all three sizes of hand looms, Floating Sues, Sam’s Seam Tools, and others. I’ve added other woods to the Intermediate looms – they used to be all Cocobolo, but now include Katalox, Coraco de Negra & Brazilian Ebony. They’ll be ready in a few weeks. I did recently complete another 100 or so of the Cocobolo versions. My shoulders continue to improve, but far slower than I’d prefer. I’m hanging in there!



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