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Running Time

San Antonio Nov 2010 222


This was an exceptionally fun  piece of metal art that I did on a commission basis when we lived in San Antonio.  My wife Cat did the drawing and scaling up – and I fabricated this 10 foot long running horse for a friend.  There were quite a number of pieces that made up the piece – all in 12 gauge steel sheet.  I was inspired to mount it set away from the brick wall about 12″.  At night it’s backlighted – and at the Christmas season the owner puts a stuffed Santa Claus on it.  It remains one of my favorite pieces.  The garage is set back from the side road in San Antonio and is visible thru several majestic oak trees.  I remain honored that Sue and Ross trusted me with  this project.

Personally, I’m running in place – time passing – waiting for recovery from my latest shoulder surgery.  It’s been 3 weeks today – and I’m still so affected by the procedure.  Cat helps me remain so careful of the shoulder – encouraging my patience.  I’m complying with her suggestions and the directions of Dr. Franco, but it’s so frustrating to be so idle for so long.  It’s about three more weeks till I meet with the Doctor again, but knowing the reward for such compliance is great.  I still have challenging pain, but not enough to go back to prescribed narcotics.  Extra Strength Tylenol and personal resolve will suffice.  I’ll soon be able to ride my custom chopper – and return to my shop too.  So many things waiting on my platter of activity.  I’d like to thank the Very Many friends and acquaintances for their support and encouragement during this time.  I’m rich with pride for that support.  Soon I’ll be back making lots of sawdust and creating fun tools, equipment, and so many other things. I continue to pack Very Many orders with Cat’s able help.  Just wait till you see what I have planned!

Next week we take Cat’s trike to Chuck for some more mods.  Later I’ll return my chopper for a few things, including the clutch and brake master cylinders that are STILL at the machinist for stainless sleeves after more than two months.  At least I haven’t been physically able to ride during this time.  Suggestion.  If anyone ever suggests rebuilding master cylinders, just buy new replacements instead.



2 thoughts on “Running Time

  1. Beautiful horse, just wanted to make sure and wish you a Happy Birthday even though it is a tad early. Hopefully you will be up and around by then! Been so busy at work–spending money!! Love to both of you!

  2. Thanks a Bunch, Q. My B-Day will be better now. Too bad we can’t meet at Papacito’s or somewhere else fun the 17th. Perhaps in November. Better now, but still get so tired so easily. Love Back to you! Jim

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