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Another Road

April Tools 021

Here is a photo of a very special bowl that I made a few years ago.  The wood is a specimen of Spalted Sycamore.  The “wound” or natural cavity in the side was healed with sutures of a fine copper wire.  The result was really neat.  During a show a lady purchased this and another bowl to display on her credenza in her office.  It made me very proud.  I hope to get in a couple of weeks turning special bowls in a few months or so.  Four wood lathes continue to call to me!

I’m starting another road to recovery following my second shoulder surgery July 11.  The procedure went well though the Doc reported that the damage was much worse than with the left.  So, a larger prescription of Percocet has helped me thru the last week.  Today I hope to wean off of that drug and am settling for Extra Strength Tylenol.  I don’t enjoy having to take prescription drugs but understand the necessity to help the healing process.  I do understand the need for such medication.  During the past few days I’ve packed quite a number of orders ONE-HANDED – with Cat’s help to finish and mail.  She’s a dear!  Today I’m setting up about a dozen boxes of tools for a dealer visiting tomorrow from the Midwest to shop for her store.  I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Franco of NM Orthopaedics to care for my shoulder making so much possible!

I so look forward to getting back to the shop in about 5 weeks or so.  It all depends on how my shoulder is doing.  SO many things are in my plan to produce – some in preparation for my only show of the year – Kid ‘N Ewe in Boerne, Texas November 7-9.  I’m not committed to any show next year yet.  While I have packed orders, it tires me greatly, even small ones.

Today is sorta sad for me not being in Providence, RI at HGA’s Convergence 2014 for the last day of their show.  My physical challenges of this year have prevented me from doing many things I had wanted.  Visiting with so many friends and customers at Convergence is a two-year highlight for me normally.  Now, I’ll just look forward to 2016 and attending this most special event wherever it may be.  Rebecca Mezoff represented me so honorably this year with her tapestry study using my little looms.  I am significantly honored to be associated with this profoundly neat Tapestry Artist!

Right now I’d normally head to the shop, but not this time.  Soon.


2 thoughts on “Another Road

  1. Enjoyed your update and I hope a speedy and thorough recovery is at hand. Keep up your posts as it is wonderful to hear your dedication to your craft. Good thought your way on healing swiftly.

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