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Hand Loom Kits and Lists

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I’ve been selling these loom kits for a number of years to dealers and at shows. They have been very popular. Due to demand, and because I’m having to greatly reduce the number of shows I do, I’m now adding them to my price list. The examples here are Bird’s Eye and Curly Maple from the UP of Michigan. Kits also may contain other domestic woods and perhaps some exotics. The contents include:

Regular size Loom
Little Beater
Tiny Stick Shuttle
Carpet warp for a couple of projects
Basic instructions.

This kit is what Rebecca Mezoff, a refined tapestry weaver in Santa Fe, is using in her Tapestry workshop at HGA’s “Convergence” in Providence, RI this month!

My new price list is now available. It was necessary to make some major changes on the business side. For the first time in my life I’ve had situations where I was severely financially assaulted by people who appeared to be honorable and honest. They were not. This has saddened me very deeply. To have lost that boundless degree of trust in any fiber person will take a toll on me forever. I am even considering closing my business as a result. To lose what I have is having a severe affect on my financial security. I’m very sad.

Tomorrow we leave for Albuquerque in preparation for major surgery to repair and rebuild my right shoulder. I’m in such wonderful hands of care from the surgeon to my wife, Cat. I’ll still be able to process orders with the continuing able aid of Cat. She’s such a marvelous person!


3 thoughts on “Hand Loom Kits and Lists

  1. These kits are the ones I used in Providence… yesterday in fact. They are wonderful and I can’t tell you how I wished you could have been here Jim! I sold every one I brought and wished I had 10 more. I am so sorry about the difficulties with dishonest people. It is a sad world where people take advantage of the most good-hearted person I have ever met! Please don’t close your business. We need you.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. I’m thoroughly pleased that things went well for you at Convergence. You’re one of the few people & businesses I’ll continue to support regardless of other business circumstances. Your conversation about these fun little looms are making untold number of weavers with their trying the loom kits first. Congratulations on your fantastic success! Jim

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