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Pens and Navajo’s

ImageHere is a photo of a run of pens I started this morning – there will be 50 total.  I’ve resisted doing firearm related pens for a very long time, but these seem so impressive! They are spent .50 caliber cartridges!  The first will be a gift for my longest term friend, Glenn, here on the eve of his retirement.  I’m so proud of him and the work he’s done for his entire life – it’s time now for fun and feeding the soul.  I’m blessed to have enjoyed his friendship since about 1956.  Now, a wonderful lady, Sue, is in his life and has brought so much peace, calm, and fun into their lives.  Cat and I really do care about these very dear friends.

In the past few days I’ve also completed two other huge runs.  One of these is another set of Navajo Spindles for The Woolery – Chris had asked me to make these pieces to offer in their store.  I will not sell these directly.  I also did a very large run of Navajo Forks.  The Woolery and other dealers carry these very useful tools.

One fun thing is setting up our new flatbed trailer.  It’s a 7′ x 10′ with a drive-on ramp gate, removable rails, tandem axles, and brakes.  It’ll be perfect to carry our bikes around on very long trips if we want.  I’ll be selling the 7′ x 18′ tandem axle flatbed trailer soon as I won’t need it anymore.

Monday I meet with my shoulder surgeon to review the MRI of the newly damaged one and hopefully set a date for surgery very soon!  I’m so ready to have this done!

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed a visit from our oldest son, James, and his wife Digna and son Issac (our ONLY grandchild).  They surprised us on Sunday – we haven’t seen Digna and Issac in three years – they had been in Honduras for that time.  I know that all grandchildren are the smartest, kindest, and most capable of all children, but in our case – it’s True!  What a wonderful visit.

Off now for lunch, a nap, and return to the shop.  I’ll be in touch next week with another view.



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