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June Jumble

ImageHere is a photo of much of my booth at Kid ‘N Ewe last November ’13.  A terrific variety of my product will be shown by Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers Farm at the Yellow Rose of Texas Fiber show in Seguin THIS WEEKEND!  Mary is a terrific representative of my work and has been very active in presenting offerings of my work around Texas.  Please make a special effort to go and visit the show and Mary’s booth in particular.  You’ll Not be disappointed.  Take a look at the show website here:   http://www.yellowrosefiberproducers.com/  .  The show runs from Friday June 6 thru Sunday June 8.  This could be the only chance you can see my work this year down there.  

Yesterday I met with my shoulder surgeon about my injured RIGHT shoulder this time.  An MRI will come this week for detail and confirmation, but the X-Rays indicate that the rotator cuff is torn, calcification on one major area, and several bone spurs that have been causing much discomfort.  He suggested that it’ll need to be surgically repaired this calendar year.  My goal is to either do it very soon or December so that I could attend Kid ‘N Ewe, but there is a chance that it will interfere with my intentions…..  I continue to be in a lot of discomfort, so some therapy and modified use of the arm will keep farther damage from occurring.  I had experienced problems with that shoulder for several years, but Nothing like since the injury May 9 when the bike fell towards me.

We had the most incredible surprise Sunday afternoon.  I heard a knock on the door – and when I looked there was our Only grandchild – Issac!  His Mom and Dad were parking their van.  See, Issac and Digna have been in Honduras for the past THREE years – and we had not been able to see them for all of that time except thru phone calls and photos.  What a remarkable event to have them back again.  They all came with us yesterday for the medical day in Albuquerque.  Thank God for their safe long journey.  Should I make it to KNE, they’ll be right there helping as I hope will be Christie and others.

Our daughter Ann has landed in her new home in the Deep South.  Today brings a major interview and we have all the confidence on earth in her coming success.  It’s a tragedy what events had taken her on this long journey, but she’s safe now.  Blessings be with her.

Yesterday I also received a large package of kits.  One was 100 kits to make more seam rippers!  The Woolery (http://www.woolery.com/store/pc/showsearchresults.asp?pageStyle=H&resultCnt=450&keyword=hokett) will be carrying them very soon.  Two other of my items will be added as well – the Floating Sue selvedge weights and Navajo Spindles.  They have a nice variety of my work.  I had not made Navajo Spindles for a few years, and The Woolery will  now be the only source for them – I will not sell direct.  The other item in the shipment included a 50 count package of pen kits using 50 caliber cartridges!  I believe that these pens will really be neat and popular.

Now, off to an MRI and on the road to fixing my bum shoulder.




4 thoughts on “June Jumble

  1. Sorry about your other shoulder, but THRILLED to read about your grandson! What an incredible gift to finally have him right there with you! Wow. Tomorrow at my place: Packing your beautiful tools for the show!

  2. Hallelujah!!!I’m so happy for y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending lots of HUGS…take care of your shoulder/your bod! looking forward to seeing y’all @ Kids N Ewe!

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