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Stuff and Things

Doing more every day. Doing all I can, even with limitations. Yesterday I finished the very large run of fringe twisters – many woods were included – especially a few Cocobolo and Koa examples! There are several very special laminates that are usually used for fine handmade pocket knives. Richard Rogers, world famous knife maker here in Magdalena, shared a few boards of this special wood. I’ll also be doing a few support bowls and needle bowls from this wood. This morning I put price labels on each and boxed them all up for storage. I also started marking a run of about 150 ten-inch boat shuttles from preforms I cut last summer. There are about 20 woods in this run – so it’s sorta like a rainbow of color! These shuttles use the Schacht 4″ bobbin and is so versatile. Soon I hope my newly injured right shoulder will permit me to do a nice run of Navajo Spindles for The Woolery. Chris Miller has asked me to do that – and I will when I can.
Tomorrow Cat rides her trike to Dawg House Customs so that Chuck Zettner can make it more special. The trike will get new handlebars, trailer hitch (we already have the trailer), trunk lock, and so on. I’m taking the master cylinders for the clutch and front brake from my chopper. They will receive machined stainless sleeves to provide for lifelong reliability. My clutch failing recently was why I injured my right shoulder. So, reliability is so important to us. Our trip to El Paso was successful – she found her dream seat and backrest – with the studs she visioned! Great staff at Barnett Harley Davidson in El Paso.
Cat posted last night on her Facebook page about an order of yardages for her customers in Malaysia. In just about 18 hours it’s already been viewed by over 970 visitors! Incredible! You might enjoy looking at her page – and perhaps even clicking “LIKE” to show your appreciation. You can see her page at: http://catbryschcreationsstudio.blogspot.com/ . You can also see her Very informative blog on her art – look at: http://catbryschcreationsstudio.blogspot.com/ . Cat is so helpful with so many hints and instructions for weavers. I’m so proud of her!
Life is still so good!


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