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I continue to work in the shop as I can. Some days it’s good, sometimes it’s not. My newly injured right shoulder is doing ok under the circumstances but have a lot of limitations. Keeping it active is good – whether the outcome is another surgery or not – it does not hurt like it did the first week or so. I’m almost complete with the massive fringe twister run – there are only about 25 left to assemble. My nearest neighbor, Jimmie, has been helping me bend the brass rod for the twister shafts. I cannot do those motions right now with my injury.

The bike is great – but need to have the clutch and front brake master cylinders on the handlebars rebuilt. The clutch is needed, the front brake is precautionary. It’s gonna be totally reliable! I’d love to be able to ride it more often. Cat’s trike is about to go for some major updates to Chuck – Tuesday. She’ll ride it to his shop to live for awhile. Tomorrow we drive the car to El Paso to visit Barnett’s Harley-Davidson – the largest HD dealer in the world! The quest is to find the exact seat she wants – or to have it custom made if necessary. It’s really thrilling to visit that dealership – and I will peruse their t-shirts and especially metal wall art. The “Bike House” looks so neat inside with all the bike art we have on the walls. Such fun! Hope you’re having fun too. Earlier we had hoped to attend the “Rally in the Valley” in Red River, NM. Too much stuff “happened”, and it isn’t too bad with their snow!



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