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Setbacks and Resolve

I’ve been so focused on healing my bum left shoulder – treating it well and working on dexterity and strength.  Great progress.  Unfortunately, yesterday I had a major setback with my right shoulder.  An incident has apparently blew that one out – I heard the tendons snap like a bundle of dry spaghetti with instant searing pain.  I’m not a doctor, but I do have personal experience with shoulder issues.  Certainly there is damage – we unpacked the sling and I’m treating it very gingerly.  It’s very very uncomfortable yet I’m resolved to deal with it head on – get it fixed – and get on with my life.  My life is pretty well on hold now for an indeterminate time.  It’s such a giant downer to have so many intense plans to ride our bikes, finishing so many very special commissions, getting ready for events, planning new equipment, all to be yet again put on hold…………  This too shall pass.



2 thoughts on “Setbacks and Resolve

  1. Bless your Body & Spirit!! Perhaps this is the Universe’s way of telling you to slow down and let your Body heal!! Am sending lots of Prayers & Energy y’all’s way!! Love you

  2. Yes, Dear Rachel, I have already been slowing down. I’ll accelerate that slowing down now and really give my body time to heal. Thank you for your kind words and great friendship. Love, Jim

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