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Table and Time

ImageThis is our dining table.  I made it from a Giant Redwood Burl slab acquired for just $50.  After months of working it off and on, this was the result.  There are about 30 coats of polyurethane and it’s all so solid.  Photos can’t convey the true color and intense burl features in this piece.  It’s fantastic!  Cat preferred legs from 4″ steel tubing – and I used 1×4 tubing for the stretchers.  When our Grandson was just about 2 he loved to sit at the right end – all to himself.  How we miss him – perhaps his Mom and he can return from Honduras very soon!  We miss them both so much.

Time.  Monday my shoulder Doc released me to light shop work, physical therapy, no more sling (!!!) and personally very important – riding my Chopper!  YEA!!!!!  But, the next morning I had another but unrelated surgery – 5 total hours for everything – and some rather intense special care for a week to ten days.  I’ve tried to be a good patient for the two months since the shoulder – now just a bit more time to heal from this one.  I’m so far behind on orders and so on, but it’ll just have to wait for now.  Yes, I’m a bit frustrated, but patient.

Two days ago our daughter was managing her store early morning when an example of life’s lowest forms committed an armed robbery on her.  She was slightly injured, but did get a great description and license plate number.  Fingerprints were taken by the cops as well.  I’m so terrified for her safety and so incredibly proud of her sense of duty and honor.  This Da Da is worried about his 40 year old daughter.  Please help send her all the good vibes, thoughts, and prayers you can.  We are.



2 thoughts on “Table and Time

  1. Reiki on the way for your daughter and yourself! I can only imagine if it were my daughter and the anguish I would be in after such an event. I know they grow up but they’re still our babies.

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