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Saddle Stands

ImageAt the request of a dear friend awhile back I designed and produced a number of Very nice saddle stands.  While I still have a few of  them left, most are living in lady caves, dens and man caves around the Southwest.  It’s yet another example of the great joy I find in developing new product!

I’m still prohibited from getting into heavy shop work.  It’s still difficult to extend my left arm at all, and can’t lift anything with it.  Monday I find if it’s permissible to return to work, ride my chopper, and start PT.  The next day surgery will be just a blip – I will be able to work thru some of that recovery time.  Friday we deliver the Foster Harley to the buyer in Alamogordo.  Now, with a degree of finality, we can close that very dark chapter of our motorcycle experience.  The weather is improving though winds still sometimes bothersome.  We saw very many two-wheelers on the road when we went to Socorro this morning for a delightful lunch at Pizza Hut – and picked up our 2013 tax returns from Rick at Beckham & Penner.  Fantastic people.  I’m about to order my new planer – a Powermatic helix head 15″ 230v model!  I can attest to those cutters – I installed one on my Grizzly 8″ parellelogram jointer  last year and it yields perfectly smoothed joint edges that are like glass and polished!  Remarkable!  I look forward to my Powermatic Jointer having the very same results for especially bench tops!

I’ll let you know how the important events of Monday and Tuesday turn out sometimes next week.



2 thoughts on “Saddle Stands

  1. Re: saddle stands – want a great idea? When cleaning a saddle it’s a pain in the tookus to hang on to the saddle and clean the underside. If the saddle rack’s upper section could turn over (become a “u” shape instead of its normal “n” shape) the saddle could sit upside down in the “u” and we wouldn’t have to struggle to hang on to it while we clean the under parts.

    • Peggy, Thanks for your comments! I absolutely love doing new things like the stands. It’s been far too long since I’ve sat in a saddle, but I do help horse people with something very nice to display Great Grandpa’s prize saddle.

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