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Last Wednesday saw my very involved shoulder surgery completed.  No pain, about 5 hours out, and what my surgeon reported, great success.  The extent of damage was much more than the MRI’s indicated.  Two large bone spurs took much grinding time.  Repair of the torn cuff tendons were a challenge.  Reattachment of the torn bicep was necessary,  And, I’m so grateful to New Mexico Orthopaedics and Dr. Franko for doing such a great job.  Today Cat so capably changed the dressings for  the first time.  Wearing the sling while away from home and while sleeping is a drag, but important to recovery.  With such an extensive surgery, the recovery process and time will be extended.  I’m game.  The pain I’ve endured for so long is over – what discomfort I have right now is less than I’ve endured for several YEARS 24/7.  I’ve even packed several small orders – one handed – and mailed away with Cat’s help.  I’m gonna come out of this much better than before.  I’ll not be able to do any shows till Kid ‘N Ewe in November, and really don’t want to anyway – I need a break.  When I can return to work, I’ll start with a remarkable bench run.  I have a great collection of astounding woods for the tops waiting my care.  There’s a great stock is just about every tool I make ready to pickup or ship.  While I’m not producing for awhile, I’m still designing, packing, and shipping!  So many customers are stocking up on the little looms and tools for Rebecca Mezoff’s class at Convergence – and many more others even though they couldn’t get into the class.  I’ll miss visiting Providence.  I so appreciate all of the genuine contacts of good wishes and prayers.  

Life is good!



2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. I am sooooooo glad I decided to check my email before I went to bed!!!!!! I’m so happy that you aren’t in great pain! I knew our Cat would take good care of you, I’m hugging you with my heart!…Cat too!!!! Glad you are still designing & and you are “on the mend!” Am looking forward to November…we’ll ALL be in better shape. Hug each other for me! Hugs, love and blessings Rachel

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