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GOT IT!!!!!!!!

ImageHere is when I presented Chuck with the “Tip” that I made just for him – you can see it featured more on an earlier post.  He seemed rather pleased.  I remain so honored that Mr. Zettner did the most incredible machine dream of my life.

ImageIt seems so appropriate to show the table and my finished bike in the same frame.  I am so proud of both my work on this remarkable table and Chuck’s work on the most astounding bike on earth.

ImageHere is the left side of the bike.  Isn’t the detail fantastic!  It rides so smoothly and so solid too.  The power in this combination really sets me back in the seat of “The Old Buzzard”.

ImageHere is the right side of the engine.  I love the flow of the pipes – and the sound too – not so loud it hurts my ears but loud enough to “announce” that a bike is there.  

ImageHere I am returning from my very first short ride – and I took off again for a few more miles.  It was so hard to stop – I wanted to ride it the two hours back home, but we had so many plans.  This bike and I  really “fit” together.  This has been an almost lifelong dream of mine – and Chuck Zettner saw the vision in my mind and his artistic and engineering abilities focused and the result is Exactly what I wanted.  I’ll be eternally grateful to this dear incredible gentleman, and to the absolute love of my life for all of her support and encouragement – Cat Brysch.  She on her trike and me on “The Old Buzzard” will share countless hours and miles together after I recover from my surgery.

The day also included several lengths of copper pipe to use for more bench stretchers, several 4′ x 8′ sheets of rigid foam insulation (1″ & 1-1/2″ thick) to use mainly in packing delicate shipments to customers, and several Very nice boards at Albuquerque Exotic Hardwoods where Jake Jacobsen does his remarkable magic on gathering such worldly woods.  Some of the woods included remarkable Cocobolo, very nice 4/4 & 8/4 Walnut, 8/4 Ambrosia Maple, and so on.  Jake is special ordering some additional full 4/4 PNG Walnut for me – it’ll be parts of another large run of Mini Squirrel Cage Winders.  I’ll be doing a very custom adjustable 4 yard horizontal squirrel cage winder soon for a customer in San Francisco – very soon if I don’t get called in early for my shoulder surgery.

I am so thankful for these two very special and remarkable gentlemen – Chuck Zettner and Jake Jacobsen.



10 thoughts on “GOT IT!!!!!!!!

  1. Goodness!, Jim. We’re glad to receive your email and to be able to get a look at another one of your favorite things to do. Of course you know that looks scary to me but I’m sure that it’s very fabulous to you and we are happy that you are happy to finally get your bike. We can see all the detail work and of course the art of a favorite collection of yours…the buzzards. Well Mr. happy camper may you and Cat enjoy, enjoy, many wonderful rides. And we’re praying for a safe surgery and a great recovery. Stay safe.

    Luis y Felipa

    • Thanks, Luis y Felipa. This is about the neatest physical thing in my life – and both Cat and I will continue to be deliberate, careful, and so very watchful. We do not ride our bikes beyond our abilities. Yes, this Old Buzzard is very happy to be on my neatest Buzzard! Jim

  2. Both the bike and the table are WONDERFUL! I can’t even imagine how you ride something like that! It is so BEAUTIFUL though. I know you will enjoy it every minute. Congratulations!

  3. So very happy for you, and how thrilling for Mr. Zettner to be the owner of one of your heirloom quality tables! Vaya con Dios on the old buzzard, and best wishes for healing with the shoulder.

  4. Wait, is that a Harley I hear – nope, just a neighbors snow blower and a snow plow filling up our driveway…LOL! So glad to see the buzzard finally come together. To say the least, you’ve earned it. Ride safe, I know you will and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. WOWSERS!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Love the seat too!! You look like a “Happy Camper/Biker!!” Glad to know that everything finally came together, and you & Cat are both “ready to ride!!” Ride safe, and speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery.
    Hugs, Love & Blessings, Rachel

  6. Well finally your dream machine!!!! Just be careful, I know you and Cat will have wonderful trips together!!! Hmmm, maybe a trip to SA? Love you both!!!

    • Yes, Q, there will eventually be trips that long and longer. I first have to wait for my shoulder to recover after surgery the 19th. Very good to hear from you! Wish you well. Love back. Jim

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