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Benches and Bikes

ImageHere is a bench that I’ll deliver tomorrow to a customer in Albuquerque.  She wanted one that was 11″ x 20″ x 20″ and left the rest to me.  This is not her first bench of mine.  So, I selected a board for the top of Spalted Pecan.  The wood is tough and very attractive with the spalting on one edge.  The legs that seemed to work is from a plank of Black Walnut.  I selected a board of nice brown Bird’s Eye Maple that I picked out from a lumber supplier when we visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a few years ago.  Then, what to do for the stretchers?  I had one of those “apostrophes” and decided to use a leftover length of copper pipe from a bottle tree project a dear artist friend in Canyon Lake, Texas who commissioned me for her indoor piece.  Just a side – she puts wine bottles on the “tree” and inserts clear Christmas lights inside.  The effect on that totally copper piece is astounding!  I have not EVER seen nor heard of such a feature on wood furniture.  Anyway, the combination on the bench I completed yesterday is fantastic!  I make a large number of benches each year, and a few very special ones like this commissioned one for Bethe.  I know that she’ll be very happy.

Bikes.  My Hero has came through and is about to complete my world class Chopper!  Chuck Zettner of Dawg House Customs in Albuquerque reports that it’ll be ready for me to pick up my bike this Wednesday!  What a fantastic achievement for Chuck – overcoming obstacles such as a bad speedo/tach unit.  He had to also repull new wiring thru the backbone of the bike and untold other tedious tasks.  Chuck is the most motivated bike builder on the face of the Earth, and I’m so fortunate to have him to do my lifelong dream bike.  This is the ultimate warm fuzzy that a person could have – the bike of my dreams fabricated by the most fantastic bike guy ever.  I can’t imagine any bike being more special than this one.  I’ll post photos of it when I get it home and take my first ride.  It’s such a step of satisfaction to enjoy before my upcoming shoulder surgery.  Now, the “Foster Harley” can really be matched with an acceptable adoption candidate.  Well, will a rider adopt the Harley, or will the Harley adopt a rider?  Our “Dog & Hog House” is ready to receive my bike – the baseboard heaters work so well.  I’ve been decorating the interior with metal signs of Harleys, biken in general, oil company advertising, and automotive stuff too.  Please follow my posts about adventures on “The Old Buzzard” which has been so artistically and meticulously fabricated by Chuck Zettner.  He is a true artist with the ultimate in character and honesty.  I’m so proud I have a “Chuck Zettner”!  This entire process has taken so long – and only a few months with Chuck at the helm – the original shop had it almost a year and did nothing.  Chuck’s patience with this impatient old coot is admirable and I appreciate him more than he could possibly know.  I’ll post a photo of the “Tip” I’ll present him when I pick up my bike.



2 thoughts on “Benches and Bikes

  1. BEAUTIFUL bench! Inspired use of the copper! So glad the bike is almost ready and you’ll get to ride it before the shoulder surgery. Knowing how wonderful it is to ride will be the Best Motivation Ever for you to do what you are supposed to as a recovering shoulder surgery patient! All very exciting…

    • Thanks for the comments, Mary. The buyer LOVED the bench! She has three others of mine in her very active weaving studio along with her custom cash box and countless tools. Yes, the use of copper like that is very attractive and it will be featured on more to come. I’m a good patient – and will comply with whatever the Doc tell me to.

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