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Shoulder & Work

I have a date in February that my shoulder surgery is scheduled – though the Doc says it’s sure to be sooner at the first cancellation.  I’m ready.  Recovery will be quite awhile – I’ll follow instructions but I don’t expect it to take 8 weeks.  In this process I’ll be out of commission pretty well completely – I’ll not jeopardize my recovery just to do a “little bit”.  Perhaps the worst part is that I’ll not be able to ride my new chopper – that is, if it ever gets completed.  It seems that one thing after another has  either happened or not happened to impede a conclusion.  I’m not right now especially encouraged.  I’ll be updating some of my shop equipment about the time I’m back to work.  I’ve had such a horrible time with two Rikon 6×48 sanders and really poor tracking of the belt.  I’m going to Powermatic and Jet this time and junk Rikon and Delta, the only one that’s worse.  I do have several thousand tools preformed that are ready for sanding!  The past few months have seen more activity in my shop than any previous period.  Here’s to good things to come!


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