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Silver City, NM Fiber Arts Festival

ImageThis event was extremely well organized and a real joy to attend.  The local 4H group volunteered and helped run the show – an exceptional group of kids and leaders!  This photo illustrates my most popular items at the event.  The little looms and tools generated such interest.  Now, I’m already in the middle of a very large run of the looms due to this show and Kid ‘N Ewe the weekend before.  I really do have such fun with it all but am unable to keep up.

ImageThis little box went home with a gentleman as a gift for his wife.  The top is nice Bird’s Eye Maple and the case Tea Tree with some “character” on the front – I filled the inclusions with turquoise nuggets from New Mexico.  The nails are forged and so add a bit to the piece.  I’ll be doing a nice run of very special notion boxes this winter.  Yesterday Cat and I took a ride on our Harleys.  Today, the high was about 26 and very cold with the blustery wind and high humidity.  The weather forecasters are again overloading us with dire conditions to come, and it seems for today it’s another wolf cry of imagination.  Heck, if it’s gonna be cold, it should be snowing!

ImageHere is a photo of Cat’s most incredible hands working on her crocheted top at the show.  I’m so proud of her and her artistic abilities, especially this one.  I can hardly wait to see her wearing the finished project!  Everything she does is remarkable.  Today she was working in her enchanting studio dressing one loom and weaving on another during the day.  I love standing at the portal to her studio and just looking at such sources of wonderment.  We love our high mountain desert home and workplaces.



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