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Kid ‘Ewe 2013

ImageHere is a shot of part of my booth at the Kid ‘N Ewe event last year.  This show is held at the Kendall County Fairgrounds in Boerne, Texas – just North of San Antonio.  The show is a really wonderful one – so active and every person is always happy.  It’ll be the last show I drop if I ever quit doing shows.  There are a lot of benches in this photo.  I took many more than these – some had already sold – and I only took a few  home…  I love seeing how people check each and every one – look at the features – then “The One” speaks to them!  I tried a few feature on some of these benches – double stretchers between the legs.  It was a hit for sure, along with the special turquoise inlay I did in those woods with “Character”.  Such a joy to feature what nature does to woods.  I’m loading the truck and trailer today and tomorrow, leaving Monday at Dark Thirty.  We have a genuinely reliable house sitter keeping our place in good spirits.  Feedback to follow.  Well, the Silver City Fiber Arts Festival follows the weekend after Kid ‘N Ewe!



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