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A Mini Squirrel!

ImageHere’s a photo of my newest creation – another tool that’s high on the “cute” factor!  This is a mini version of my Squirrel Cage Skein Winder – so handy for those little skeins you get to deal with.  It’s also easy to break down if  you’d like, or just store assembled on a shelf rather than taking up more floor room.  This tool is easy to use on a tabletop as it stands just 32″ tall.  The cages are 6″ wide and spin on brass shafts and brass  hardware.  I made the first very nice run and most have been sold sight unseen.  This old woodworker will be making a very large run soon after my two shows in November.

I show at the Kid ‘N Ewe event  in Boerne, TX November 8-10 followed the next weekend at the Fiber Arts Festival in Silver City, NM.  Visit me at these shows if you can – and all of the other fine vendors attending.   Both of these events are really neat and special.  I’ll be hustling in the shop till we leave.

ImageHere is a photo of Cat’s trike!  She took delivery last week and we’ve been riding when we can.  I’m still on the “Foster Harley” till my chopper is ready.  Chuck starts assembly of my chopper (The Buzzard) Thursday!  The air brush artist did such a magnificent job on the Turkey Vulture images on each side of the gas tank.  It’ll go well with the seat!  The color I picked is an extremely deep red that looks almost black in the shade yet brilliant red in the direct sunlight.  There are reds, blacks, violet, and other colors as well as Pearl and Metalflake.  I’m incredibly excited!  We’re so happy to be back on motorcycles.  Yes, we’re safe and will take it easy till we renew our skills.  Cat’s done so well learning the special features of riding a trike.    Fun in our High Desert Mountains!

Jim “The old Buzzard”

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