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Big Dog & Reels

ImageHere’s a photo of the pieces from my Big Dog that will be painted!  I’ll visit with Chuck Saturday at Dawg House Customs with the paint guy to pick the color and scheme.  It’s to be painted very soon, then Chuck busts butt to reassemble and make it ready for me to RIDE!  It’s been almost a YEAR.  I’m so happy I retrieved it from the shop from Hell…..  Next photo I’ll post of the bike is of the completed ride!  I’m SO anxious.  The only recognizable pieces of the original bike that can be ID’ed as Big Dog are the wheels and frame.  Chuck continues to amaze me with his phenomenal ideas and such professionalism.  He’s a Very Proud American Artist.

Progress on the big mini warping reel run continues.  Now, I’m working on machining the pieces for the cross assembly.  Once that’s done it’ll be Danish Oil time.  All of the other pieces to the reels are complete, though the frames aren’t assembled yet.  And, I’ve gotta make a kazillion UHMW washers for no friction when turning.   I’ll also be doing a few cross assemblies with pegs a big longer, just as a test.  Sally is the neatest person to help me with much of my finishing!

The new Redwood Burl slab has had some attention.  I’ve filled the cavities with epoxy and crushed turquoise, but no time right now to design and produce the skirts, legs, and stretchers.  I have a Very interesting idea about the rest of the table!  Gotta finish all of the mini reels first, though.  I’ve received another 50 kits to make more seam rippers too.  Perhaps highly figured Cocobolo will end up in many of them….  Several critical tools to make nice runs of before the November shows.  I’m ready!

I’m just having too much fun!  So many plans coming together at this incredible point of my life.



2 thoughts on “Big Dog & Reels

  1. Hey Buzz, it was great hearing from you & Cat this afternoon. I took a quick trip to your bike builder and really liked what I saw. Your blog is fantastic. Very professional, but then again, I’d expect nothing less. We’re excited about the possibility of meeting up in RI next summer. We’ll keep in touch. Take care.

    • Super, Ken – we’re really happy to hear that we’ll be able to spend some time at Convergence with you guys again! SO looking forward to riding my Most Custom Buzzard………. Jim

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