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Redwood Burl Table

Image ImageHere are a couple of photos of the table I wrote about recently.  The top is a slab of Redwood Burl that I acquired from Albuquerque Exotic Woods – Jake is a really neat guy who loves woods almost as much as I do…  The top is 2″ thick, about  18″ x 28″,  and sits 35″ tall.  A loose bark inclusion was present that went thru the top.  I soaked it with thin cyanoacrylic super glue then filled both sides with clear epoxy and crushed turquoise.  The legs and skirts are of very nice Bubinga and the stretchers ebonized dowels.  I finished it with Watco Danish Oil – and plan on putting several coats of Polyurethane on the top only.  While I’d love to have kept it, it sold while just a slab to a friend when she saw it as I explained the plan to do a nice table.  I’ll retain this really nice piece in my heart – and relive the joy of the process with photos.  I hope that everyone has this sort of connection with things they love to do. By the way, my custom motorcycle was fitted with very unique handlebars – fabricated by the builder – Chuck Zettner yesterday.  Tuesday I visit his shop for a fitment for exact placement of the handlebars and foot controls.  Soon I’ll be ordering the Vance & Hines pipes, rear tire, mechanical and electronic parts with the grips, and other parts for the next steps.  Chuck will be fabricating a small “Buzzard Catcher” for use as the air cleaner cover.  A “Buzzard Catcher” is the housing to gather air for extreme performance engines on drag racing engines.  How fitting for my developing ride!  I can hardly wait for the time to pick the color/scheme at paint time……  Chuck is the most remarkable artist with these builds.  I’m blessed to  have him to do mine. Jim


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