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IWC 2013

ImageHere is a corner of my booth in Durango.  The show is always wonderful – especially t his year!  The rains came most days – including about 20 minutes while we were loading out….  No problem – for they need rain too.  All of the restaurants we visited were great fun.  The facilities were remarkable!  And, the organization by the volunteers who put on the Intermountain Weaver’s Conference have made this venue/event a vendor’s dream!  Thanks to them All!


ImageHere are two of my Foot Powered Skein Winders.  The one on the right sold to a Very happy customer.  She’s gonna have her hubby “surprise” her with it…  The inlaid turquoise in the Spalted Pecan from Texas surely compliments the nice Walnut from Iowa.  I love working with domestic woods – though great specimens are a challenge to locate.  I also sold all of the  Squirrel Cage Skein Winders I took – such a great substitute for umbrella swifts.

ImageHere is a nice group of my Treen Ware – what I call “Nottles” – or “needle bottles.  They are super fun to turn – and I’m so proud that the Harwood Museum in Taos has carried them for awhile in their gift shop.

Many customers at this show just glowed looking at the tools and equipment I took to display.  Such events are why I do the things I do for weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists.  I plan a major bowl run very soon…..



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