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Special Bench


ImageI sometimes make very special tools and equipment on commission.  Give me an idea and application, and you might be surprised at what will result!  This bench is an example of that connection.  Bethe, a friend from Santa Fe, asked me to make her a very special bench for use at her favorite loom.  She gave me the dimensions and I gave her options on Very special boards for the top.  Bethe also asked for two hand holes, a feature I developed about 9 years ago, as the width (46″), depth (14″), and  height (24″) would make it rather imposing to move alone.  This is not her first bench of mine – her first was a very special one of Bloodwood – with a high gloss finish.  She chose this board of a remarkable Bird’s Eye Maple I acquired from a favorite supplier in the Michigan UP.  I had been saving it for a few years – for a special purpose.  It worked.  The inlaid turquoise in the knothole is a special feature I use occasionally.  The trim around the top and stretchers are of a fine board of Bloodwood.  The legs and skirt are a very fine figured Bubinga – also having been saved for a very special purpose.  Bethe was not disappointed.

Soon to come is a commissioned table from the example of a remarkable Redwood Burl slab I posted awhile back.  Today I did the inlay of crushed turquoise into the voids of bark inclusions.  This will be another example of an exceptional piece – and I guarantee that the customer will not be disappointed, either.  Photos to follow when complete.

Tomorrow I finish loading everything for our show in Durango – the Intermountain Weaver’s Conference.  I just love this event!




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