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Boat Shuttles

ImageImageHere are some of the blanks for 12″ (5″ Schacht bobbin) and 15″ (6″ Schacht bobbin) boat shuttles that I’ve been working on yesterday and today.  There are many many different woods in these bundles – and each will reveal such beauty when completed.  A number of years ago I was making boat shuttles in front of my garage shop when we lived in San Antonio, Texas.  A neighbor’s back door was within steps of where I was working – and the older gentleman often would stop and visit as well as just watch.  He was so intrigued by what I was always doing.  After a few minutes he asked:  “what are you making –  they look like little boats”!  What a neat moment!  After explaining what they were, he just smiled.

I do these woods and metals simply because it brings me great joy, especially when I have so many visitors at each show buying product and talking about past purchases they’ve made from me.  I really look forward to the Intermountain Weaver’s Conference in Durango later this month.  You can see what they have at:  http://www.intermountainweavers.org/  .  The conference is July 25-28.  Durango is such a marvelous place to visit!  Ah, and the cobbler and BBQ at “Serious Texas BBQ”!  Hope to see  you there.



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