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Tables & Benches

ImageI often make tables and benches for use by not only weavers, spinners, other fiber artists, but for useful objects for just about anyone!  Here is a recently acquired slab of a Redwood Burl – about 2″ thick and roughly 18″ x 24″.  I plan on making an occasional table from this example of “Character Wood”.  The voids will be filled with fine clear epoxy with chunks of turquoise placed in the mix.  I’m unsettled as to the legs – may even be metal!  Goodness but I have fun!

ImageThis very neat board is quite nice Spalted pecan I acquired in San Antonio recently.  It’s 7/8″ thick and about 14″ wide.  This entire board, about 9′ long, will become several weaving benches.  I just love the spalting and grain patterns here.

ImageHere is my most powerful supporter – the love of a lifetime – my wife Cat Brysch.  She’s the owner of Cat Brysch Creations Studio and provides so much input to me on selection of woods, designs, function, and planning.  She’s weaving her “Desert Nights” fabric on a Macomber loom – one of 8 Macombers in her very busy studio.  The warp is 70 yards long!  Several customers in Malaysia have commissioned her to produce very special fabrics, each several yards long.  I’m so proud of her!  Her influence is in everything I produce.

Who knows what might come out of my workshop here soon!




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