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Results of July 5, 2013

ImageHere is a run of about 90 each 1-1/8″ x 10″ stick shuttles.  A customer at the Albuquerque Convergence in 2010 ordered this special size for a class and picked them up the first morning.  Since, they’ve became a very popular version.  As always these are in a variety of exotic woods.

ImageThis photo is of a run of 278 Nalbinding needles – used for Viking style knitting.  As I understand it’s the earliest version of knitting.  I first made these for Tracy of “The Lacemaker” in Courtland, Ohio.  She’s an expert!  The needles are a challenge to produce due to their size – only about 2-1/4″ long.  It’s much easier to make the flat tapestry needles I produce – they’re 5-1/4″.  The are perhaps 60 different woods in this run of neat tools.

Soon I’ll be working on a huge run of my boat shuttles – these are based on the Schacht 4″, 5″, & 6″ bobbins.  I’ve been saving extremely special woods for the work.  It’s such a joy to see just how the group looks when I’m complete!





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