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Would Work Plays TOO

ImageHere is an example of what I’ll be spending time doing rather than making sawdust.  This ride is based on a 2004 Big Dog Chopper.  This photo shows the radical new rear fender and gas tank.  Tomorrow I’ll visit the builder to formalize several issues like custom leather gel seat, custom handlebars, custom exhaust pipes, custom front fender, and repositioning the foot controls.  Of course there are a number of other issues that’ll be addressed very soon.  My builder is Chuck Zettner – one of the most incredible motorcycle builders on the face of Mother Earth.  I’m so fortunate to have him doing my work!  This has been a dream of mine for what seems to be an eternity.


Sawdust related today, I developed and produced a brand new tool that I’ll post soon.  It’s what I’ll call a “Pueblo Belt Shuttle” – and as requested by a recognized Native American weaving teacher.  I’m honored.


So, Hokett Would Work sometimes also plays………



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