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New Woods!

Today here in San Antonio I made major purchases of remarkable woods.  Alamo Hardwoods is World Class in the quality of their products – and especially the customer service of the owners.  I wish I had them in New Mexico – instead I sometimes call them for very special lumber stock – and they always overwhelm me with the service and quality!  Among these newly acquired woods include:

Narra (End-of-Warp shuttles plus)

Remarkable wide board Spalted Pecan (Great for benches with turquoise inlay)

Fantastic Curly Narra (12″ boat shuttles)

Spalted Bolivian Rosewood (box casework)

Pernambuco (12″ boat and End-of-Warp shuttles)

Mesquite (Fine notion boxes)

Spalted Chechen (Fine notion boxes)


Yes – I’ll be very careful handling the spalted woods.  I always use a respirator and dust collector – as well as changing clothes afterwards.  While spalted woods can result in spectacular visual examples in woods, they can be so very dangerous to work with.  Spalting is a fungus – would you want that in your humid dark environment lungs?  Not me.


I use Watco Danish Oil as the finish for just about everything I do with woods, but sometimes add a fine wax, polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, or shellac, among others.  The finish for every piece I complete is considered individually.  Each piece or tool I make is treated individually – even when I make big runs of some.  My friend Sally Rogers helps me with most of my finishing.  So, yes you’re very safe in handling all of my woods, spalted or not.


Surely looking forward to getting back home to work with these new woods!



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